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Portrait of Mojo Morgan
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Alpha-male Mojo Morgan is going on the prowl solo. This cornerstone to the Morgan Heritage super group is taking his message and morphing it into his own new definition of Rasta Rock.
Hometown Sanford, FL
Genres Pop, Rock
Band Members Mojo Morgan
Achievements Top-10 Top-10 Top-40 Top-40 Top-40 Top-40
Upcoming Shows None
Contact Information:
Troy Shelton 609-320-9556
# Years Experience Performing Live: 3
# Live Perfomances Past Six-months: 17
Market Draw: North America: 451-500; Europe: 800+; Caribbean: 800+; Africa: 800+
Venue History: WARPED TOUR Cricket Amphitheatre - San Diego, CA
WARPED TOUR Riverbend Music Center - Cincinnati, OH
WARPED TOUR Utah State Fairgrounds - Salt Lake City, UT
The Vans Warped Tour! @ Vinoy Park - St Petersburg, FL
Aaronas Amphitheatre at Lakewood (WARPED TOUR) - Atlanta, GA
Warped Tour Central Florida Fairgrounds - Orlando, FL
WARPED TOUR Cruzan Amphitheater - West Palm Beach, FL
Warped Tour Westfair Fairgrounds - Council Bluffs, IA
Warped Tour Invesco Field At Mile High - Denver, CO
Vans Warped Tour Ashley Furniture Homestore Pavilion - Phoenix, AZ
Vans Warped Tour Cal State Dominguez Hills - Carson, CA
Vans Warped Tour Sleep Train Amphitheatre - Marysville, CA
Vans Warped Tour Idaho Center Amphitheatre - Nampa, ID
Vans Warped Tour The Gorge Amphitheatre - George, WA
Vans Warped Tour Washington County Fairgrounds - Hillsboro, OR
Performing Rights Society: ASCAP
Discography: Million $ Check (Remix) feat Stephen Marley & Damian Marley Single—2010; Million $ Check Single—2010; Got Mojo? EP—2009

Born in Brooklyn’s tough Bushwick neighborhood, Mojo Morgan was raised in Springfield, MA and spent his summer vacations back in New York’s hippest outer borough, where he returned after high school. As a member of Reggae super group Morgan Heritage,...







Top 10 in Hip-Hop Videos, March 2012
Hip-Hop Videos Winner, February 2012
Top 40 in Hip-Hop Videos, October 2012

Rock Out, With Your Locks Out by
If Bob Marley and U2 ever had a chance to record a song together, I'm pretty sure that rasta-rock is the direction their respective guitar strings would have roamed. But thankfully for Mojo Morgan,...



Technical Requirements

                                              General Requirements

1.            It is agreed and understood that this rider may not be changed, modified, altered or waived except by an instrument in writing, signed by the parties hereto.

2.            The relationship between nothing in this agreement shall be construed to constitute the parties as a partnership, joint venture, or any other type of relationship and Artist shall not be liable in whole or in part for any obligation that may be incurred by Purchaser in carrying out any of the provisions hereof, or otherwise.

3.            Nothing in this agreement shall require the performance of any act contrary to the law or to the rules or regulations of any union, guild, or similar body having jurisdiction over the services of Artist’s or over the performances hereunder.

4.            Whenever there is any conflict between any provisions of this agreement and any law, or any such rule or regulation of any such union, guild or similar body, such law, rule or regulation shall prevail, and this agreement shall be modified to the extent necessary to eliminate such conflict.

5.            This Rider, and the contract and addendum attached hereto, is the sole and complete agreement between all parties. The terms and conditions of this Rider shall supersede and control those terms and conditions stated in any attached agreement, or any Rider submitted by Purchaser.

6.            Regardless of locations, this agreement shall be construed solely by the laws of the State of New York applicable to agreements made and to be performed entirely therein. The state or federal courts located in New York shall have exclusive jurisdiction of these courts. Service of process shall be made on any of the parties hereto by certified mail and such process shall have the same force and effect as personal service within the State of New York.

7.            The section and sub-section headings contained herein are used for convenience only and shall not be used to interpret this agreement.

8.            The obligations stated in this Rider and the contract attached hereto shall not be assigned or transferred in whole or in part by Purchaser without the prior written consent of Artist and any such attempted assignment or transfer shall be null and void

9.            The relationship between Artist and Purchaser is that of independent contractor. Accordingly, nothing in this Contract is intended, nor shall it be construed to constitute the parties as a partnership, joint venture, employee/employer relationship, principal/agent relationship or other relationship and neither party shall represent it self to third parties as such. Artist shall not be liable in whole or in part for any obligation incurred by Purchaser in carrying out its obligations hereunder. 

10.            The Artist has a NO SMOKING policy. During the sound-check and concert there is to be NO SMOKING onstage by crewmembers, engineers, lighting techs, etc. Purchaser is responsible for ensuring that these requirements are met.

11.            Purchaser agrees to provide a runner, with a cell phone, who will be under the direction of production manager. This individual must be present from load-in to completion of load-out. Runner must have a fifteen (15)-passenger van in impeccable working condition, a valid driver’s license, speak and understand the English language as well as assisting as interpreter for touring production staff. Runner should have a complete knowledge of the region, especially the venue, hotel and local music stores.

            4.             MERCHANDISING/CONCESSIONS

1.            Purchaser agrees that Artist’s designees, shall have the sole and exclusive right, without obligation to any party, to sell, distribute and/or display all, but not limited to arts, crafts and items of merchandise of any kind including, without limitation, merchandise bearing the name, voice, likeness and logos of Artist and any member thereof (including, but not limited to, souvenir books, phonograph recordings, wearing apparel, posters, stickers, programs, and other merchandise) at or about the venues on the day(s) of Artist performance.

2.            Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Artist shall retain one hundred percent (100%) of the gross receipts resulting from the sale of Artist’s Merchandise. Purchaser shall provide, at its sole cost, well-lit, secure, prime locations for merchandising. Artist shall have sole approval over any vendors selling Artist’s Merchandise. Purchaser shall, at its sole cost, prohibit the sale or distribution of all unauthorized or so-called “bootleg” merchandise on or adjacent to the Venue.


1.            Artist reserves the right to cancel by giving at least thirty (30) days notice to Purchaser. In which event, to Purchaser hereunder whatsoever with respect to canceled performances.

2.            Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, it is further understood and agreed that in the event of any failure by the Purchaser to fulfill any of the material terms and conditions provided herein, then Purchaser shall be deemed in material breach of contract. In such event, Artist shall have the sole right to cancel. Artist shall be discharged of any liability hereunder and shall be entitled to retain any deposits or other monies therefore paid Artist by Purchaser without limiting Artist’s other remedies, all of which are expressly reserved.

3.            If Artist’s performance(s) hereunder is rendered impossible, hazardous or is otherwise prevented or impaired due to sickness, inability to perform, accident, interruption or failure of means of transportation, Act(s) of God, riots, strikes, labor, difficulties, epidemics, earthquakes, any act or order of any public authority, and/or any other cause or event, similar or dissimilar, beyond Artist’s control, then Artist’s obligations with respect to the affected performance(s) shall be excused and Artist shall have no liability to Purchaser in connection therewith.

4.            Provided Artist is ready, willing and able to perform, Purchaser shall remain liable to pay Artist the full contract price plus any monies called for in the Contract regardless of the occurrence of any of the foregoing events. For purposes of this provision, the term “Artist” shall include Artist or any member thereof.


1.            Notwithstanding anything contained herein to the contrary, inclement weather shall not be deemed to be a force majeure occurrence and the Purchaser shall remain liable for payment of the full contract price plus any percentage monies due Artist, even if the performance(s) called for herein are prevented by such weather conditions.

Artist shall have the sole right to determine in good faith whether any such weather conditions render the performance(s) impossible, hazardous or unsafe. For the purpose of this paragraph, “percentage monies due” shall be calculated based on the gross box office receipts at the of Purchaser’s determination of inclement weather.

2.            Purchaser agrees to provide at his sole expense adequate covering and electrical grounding (as determined by Artist in its sole discretion) to protect Artist, their personnel and equipment from inclement weather and dangerous conditions resulting there from. The foregoing shall include, without limitation the stage and mixing areas.

            7    SECURITY

Purchaser will be required to provide adequate security arrangements for the Artist and his entourage, subject to the Artist’s requirements. All security personnel employed by the Purchaser or the venue shall have experience in security procedures and crowd control. All security personnel must easily be identifiable by such means as uniforms, vests or distinct identification tags. Personnel assigned to the stages, dressing rooms, Front of House (FOH), merchandise vending area and hospitality areas must report and receive instruction from and deployment at the discretion of Artist’s tour manager.  The Purchaser shall provide ample security as directed by Artist’s tour manager for the onstage and FOH area to keep persons not directly connected with the performance clear of the stage area, backstage area, FOH and dressing rooms. NO ONE other than those designated by the Artist and/or Artist’s security director shall have access to on-stage or backstage area at any time. Security personnel must be placed at offstage left, offstage right, FOH and any point that the public may gain access to the technical areas, stage, backstage, and dressing room areas.


1.            Purchaser shall secure, at its sole cost and expense, Commercial General (or so called “Public”) Liability Insurance covering any claims, liabilities or losses resulting directly or indirectly from injuries to any person (including Bodily Injury and Personal Injury) and from any property damage and/or loss in amount of a combined single limit of two million U.S. Dollars ($2,000,000 U.S.D.) per Artist, including their entourage, aggregate per occurrence and two million U.S. Dollars ($2,000,000 U.S.D.) per Artist, including their entourage, aggregate per event placed with an insurance company acceptable to Purchaser and naming Artist’s and their entourage, it’s principals and each of their respective directors, officers, employees and agents as additional insured. Purchaser shall furnish to Artist a copy of said Commercial General Liability policy(s) or umbrella policy(s), if acceptable, for Purchaser’s prior written approval

2.            Purchaser agrees that the above insurance policies shall cover all areas of the venue, including without limitation the activities and parking lots. In addition, Purchaser agrees that there shall be no exclusions or modifications (including, without limitation, exclusions of coverage for security personnel) to the above insurance policies except as agreed upon in writing by Purchaser.

3.            Purchaser agrees that the above insurance policies described herein shall be in full force and effect throughout the festival from the time of arrival of Artist’s employees, agents and contractors at the venue to the time of their complete departure.

4.            Purchaser shall also provide, at its sole cost, a policy of Worker’s Compensation insurance covering all of Purchaser’s employees, subject to the requirements of the applicable state or foreign law and shall forward to Artist copies of the same.

5.            Purchaser shall provide copies of the certificates of insurance evidencing the above policies to Artist, at least fourteen (14) days prior to the start of the Engagement. Artist’s failure to request, review or comment on such certificates shall not affect Artist’s rights or Purchaser’s obligations hereunder.

9     HOTELS

Purchaser is to provide, at his sole cost, in a four-star hotel, rooms with direct-dial telephones, with data-ports, and cable or satellite television service. Hotel must have direct-dial long-distance and fax services
Hotel must have a restaurant, room-service facilities and a fitness room.

Purchaser to provide:

1            King suites or Jr. Suites

8            Single rooms with king or queen sized beds/ 4 Double Rooms with 2 Big Beds


Where applicable, Purchaser to provide, at his sole expense, Artist with airline tickets as per contract. See attached flight requirements.

2 First/business-class, round trip (origin of flight specified in contract or with advance with tour manager). 


5 Coach-class, round trip (origin of flight specified in contract or with advance with tour manager)


Purchaser is responsible for all customs, freight, excess baggage, storage, bonds, carnet and skycap charges incurred with the Artist’s equipment and entourage. See attached list of equipment Artist we will be traveling with.

Artist also expects to have courteous drivers who know the route to and from the airport, hotel and stage entrance. Mojo Morgan expects clean new vehicles with functioning radios, windows, heaters, and air conditioners.

Purchaser shall furnish, at his own expense, and for Artist’s exclusive use in connection with this engagement, including airport pickups and returns, interviews, promotional events, sound-checks, performance etc., if and when necessary, the following vehicles:

1  12 passenger vans (where available, for Europe vehicles should be “V-Class” Mercedes Benz passenger vans)

1 Cargo van for luggage/backline. NO PASSENGER SEATS

Artist expects clean new vehicles with functioning radios, tinted windows, heaters and air conditioners.

All passenger vehicles must have tinted windows.

All transportation is the promoter’s responsibility NOT the artist’s responsibility.

Exact number of vehicles and schedules will be advanced with Mojo Morgan’s Tour Mgr.

Purchaser to pay for and reimburse ARTIST for all excess and overweight baggage expenses incurred on behalf of ARTIST


Purchaser agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Artist, it’s principals and each of their respective employees, agents and contractors from and against any claims, costs (including, without limitation, reasonable attorneys’ fees and court costs), expenses, damages, liabilities, losses and/or judgments arising out of, or in connection with, any claim, demand or action made by any party if such are (or are alleged to be) a direct or indirect consequence of:

(i) The performance; (ii) any breach or alleged breach of any warranty, representation or covenant made by Purchaser herein; or (iii) Purchaser’s failure to perform any agreement between Purchaser and any third party.


Except as otherwise specifically provided herein, Purchaser assumes full responsibility and liability for the payment of any and all costs, expenses, charges, claims, losses, liabilities and/or damages directly or indirectly related to or based upon the presentation or production of the performance.

13     STAGING

1.            The minimum flat, unobstructed stage area required by the Artist is 40’ wide x 32’ deep x 5’ high. Entire surface must be free and clear of all protrusions and capable of supporting 250 pound per square foot. When necessary, there must be two (2) sets of access stairs with handrails and adequate lighting

2.            Where the stage is a temporary, outdoor, structure, an upstage wind wall covered with black 73% scrim must be provided.

Construction of all staging must be completed a minimum of (2) hour prior to first load-in call.

3.            Rehearsals and sound checks are to be “closed” and Purchaser shall not permit any visitors in the venue unless agreed by Artist’s Tour Manager.

4.            Artist’s sound-check requires quiet and concentration. All work on the stage and house must be suspended during sound-check unless authorized by Tour Manager. Non-essential event staff or other individuals should not be present in the house during sound-check unless authorized by Tour Manager, in cases where this is not practical, individuals must be completely quiet.

5.            Artist’s entrance to and exit off of stage must be clearly marked and well lit with house and work lights off.

6.            OUTDOORS STAGES: All outdoor stages must have waterproof roofs and side drops coverings to cover complete staging area. Side drops are necessary to prevent wind or blowing rain from wetting the stage and equipment, making it impossible for Artist to perform because of electrical shock. Artist WILL NOT PERFORM ON A WET STAGE.

7.            At outdoor venues a barricade should be placed as to completely secure and separate the entire backstage area from public areas, and public access.

8.            FIRST AID KIT: A comprehensive first aid kit must be available from load-in through load-out.

9.            If the Engagement is intended to be performed outdoors, Purchaser shall provide and pay for adequate stage covering and grounding to protect all persons and equipment involved in the production of the Engagement (including Artist and their crew) from inclement weather and dangerous conditions resulting there from. The foregoing shall apply to, without limitation, all stage areas, mixing consoles and wiring. Artist shall have the sole right to determine in good faith whether such covering and grounding is adequate.


1.            All payments shall be made as provided herein. In the event Purchaser fails to make any payments at the time stipulated herein or breaches any other provision of this Agreement Artist shall have the right to withhold performance without prejudice to his rights hereunder. A breach of any clause contained in this Rider by the Purchaser shall be deemed a material breach.

2.            The specific capacity, gross potential, and ticket price breakdown of the facility where Artist is to perform under this Agreement must be clearly printed on the face of the contract of which this Rider is a part.

3.            All payments by the Purchaser to the Artist under or pursuant to this Agreement shall be made in the form of CASH (U.S.) dollars unless otherwise specified.


1.            Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, Purchaser shall not distribute more than 1% of the Manifested seating as complimentary tickets for each show.

If the Venue contains reserved seating, then said tickets shall be distributed one percent (1%) from reserved and one percent (1%) from general admission (if it exists). Purchaser shall supply Artist with a verifiable statement detailing to whom each complimentary ticket was given. The foregoing is subject to the terms of the attached Artist Production Rider (if any). Each of Purchaser’s complimentary ticket shall be issued only as a fully punched ticket.

2.            Purchaser agrees to supply proper radio, television and newspaper personnel with complimentary tickets from this allotment. If Purchaser distributes any complimentary tickets above the foregoing allotment, or otherwise sells tickets at a discounted price, then Purchaser shall be deemed to have purchased such tickets at the maximum, day of show ticket price (or maximum offered ticket price if there is no day of show price). All complimentary tickets must be stamped “comp tickets.”

3.            Purchaser agrees that Artist shall receive twenty (20) complimentary tickets for each performance of the Engagement, located in a prime location.

16     TAXES

Purchaser shall pay, at its sole cost, all taxes, fees, dues, levies and the like relating to the Engagement and the sums payable to Artist shall be free of same. The foregoing shall not apply to any Federal or State income taxes imposed by law on Artist for Engagements performed within the United States (unless otherwise stated on the face of the Contract) but shall apply to all other forms of taxes including, without limitation, any business occupations tax or any value added tax (“VAT”).


If the Engagement is to be performed outside the continental limits of the United States, Purchaser agrees to procure, at its sole expense, the necessary visas, work permits, customs clearances and any other documents of any nature whatsoever necessary or usually obtained to enable Artist’s, entourage and their equipment to enter and leave the country of the Engagement and for Artist and Artist’s performers to render their services hereunder. Purchaser shall cause the foregoing to be provided to Artist (or to such location as directed by Artist in writing) in a timely manner. To the extent Purchaser requests any information or documents from Artist or Artist in connection therewith; such request shall be in writing and shall be made in a timely manner.


Purchaser shall secure, at its sole cost all licenses, permits, certificates, leases, authorizations or approvals and the like required or requested by any union, guild, governmental authority, performing rights society, Venue owner or any other third party in connection with (i) the Engagement; and (ii) Artist’s/ Artist’s exercise of any rights granted herein. Purchaser agrees to fulfill, or cause to be fulfilled, all terms, conditions, covenants, rules and/or regulations of such parties in connection therewith as well as pay all levies, dues and fees applicable thereto.

Upon request, Purchaser shall provide Artist with evidence of the foregoing; provided that Artist’s failure to request or review same shall not be deemed a waiver of Purchaser’s obligations or Artist’s rights hereunder.


Purchaser represents and warrants that: (i) it has the right and authority to enter into this Rider and Contract and to fully perform its obligations contained herein; (ii) it has the right to grant the rights granted herein and that Artist’s exercise of any such rights does not and will not infringe upon or impair the rights or interests of any third party; (iii) all goods, equipment and other materials provided by Purchaser (or at its request or direction) shall be safe, fully operational, and will not cause injury or damage to any person or property; and (iv) that all persons provided by Purchaser (including, its agents, employs and contractors) shall be adequately trained and capable of performing their required duties and that such persons shall, at all times, act in a safe manner, without causing injury or damage to any person or property. The undersigned warrant and represent that they are authorized to execute this Rider and Contract on behalf of the respective parties.

20     interpreters—OVERSEAS ENGAGEMENTS

Purchaser agrees to provide Artist with two English-speaking interpreters at all times. One shall be assigned to Artist and one shall be assigned to the crew.

21     PER DIEM

Purchaser to provide Artist’s Tour Manager, upon arrival at hotel, with US$50.00/day per all individuals stipulated in contract. Per Diem is to include travel days.


22     Production Advance

You will be contacted prior to your date to confirm all points of this production rider with Artist’s Production Manager. If there are any questions or changes to this rider, on your behalf, they must be submitted to:


Hollis Nolan

Mobile: +1-650-918-6508


Purchaser will furnish for this engagement, at his own expense, all materials, equipment, personnel, services and other items necessary to presentation of Artist’s production, included but not limited to:

23     Staging


40’(w) x 32’(d) x 5’(h). This is a minimum for Artist’s performance only. The stage must be capable of supporting 150 lbs/sq. ft. The surface must be smooth and free of holes and protrusions. Stage must be skirted in a dark, preferably black, material.

24     Risers


<!--[if !supportLists]-->1         <!--[endif]-->12’(w) x 8’(d) x 2’ (h), carpeted and skirted in black

All risers must be capable of supporting 150 lbs/sq. ft. Purchaser will provide black skirting for front and sides of risers

25     Personnel

Purchaser agrees to furnish the following personnel, at no cost to Artist, to assist in the loading and unloading and the setup, set changes and breakdown of stage equipment used by Artist.

Load in/Load out

4 Loaders/stage hands to assist Artist’s Production Crew throughout the performance day(s)

Stage call

2 Deckhands to assist Artist’s Production Crew throughout the performance

2 Follow spot operators

26     Power

All power connections must be 117 Volts, 50/60 Hz and be supplied by sound company.

For all countries whose normal power supply voltage differs from the American standard 117 volts, 60 Hz. AC, four (4) voltage conversion power transformers must be provided on stage at each venue. Transformers must have American (Edison) connectors on the secondary winding of the transformer.

A    Stage

8 117 Volts, 15 Amps, 50/60 Hz services are to be provided

        Each service must terminate in a quad box

        Each service must be phase-coherent and isolated

        All services must be tested for correct voltage, grounding etc.

        Artist will retain exclusive use of these services

B    Voltage

Shall vary no more than five percent (5%) from voltage with no current drain to when full current drawn.

27     Lighting

A    Upstage Truss

        40’ minimum

48 Par 64’s (VN, N, Rays)

B     Downstage Truss

        40’ minimum

36 Par 64’s (medium)

1 Black teaser to cover truss

Intelligent Lights-   Minimum of 15 Max 1000, 5000 or Martin’s 2000 elites

C     Follow spots

2 Follow spots

D     Work Lights

Adequate work lights are to be supplied for load-in and load-out, when necessary. These lights should illuminate all technical areas i.e. main stage, sound wings, FOH mix position, monitor mix position, loading dock etc.

E     Lighting Focus

A minimum of sixty (60) minutes must be allowed to complete lighting focus.

28     Sound

All minimal requirements listed are general and all brand names and models are interchangeable with products of equal quality and performance.





A     Sound Check

It is understood and agreed that to maintain the high musical performance standards for which Artist is known placement and testing of all sound, lighting and staging equipment must be completed prior to sound-check.

A minimum of forty-five (45) minutes must be allowed to check band equipment, monitor and house audio levels.

A minimum of ninety (90) minutes must be allowed for sound check.

No audience members shall be allowed to enter places of performance until such sound check has been completed to Artist’s satisfaction.

If there is any act appearing prior to Artist, its equipment shall be placed on stage only after consulting with Artists’ Production Manager. Artists’ channels on mixing boards will not be shared with opening acts. No equipment should be moved without consulting with Artists’ Production Manager.

B    Control

Any and all audio is to be under complete control of Artist’s sound engineers. This includes the freedom to change FOH/Monitor:


Effects setting
Number of inputs etc.

C    House Specifications

Artist requires a state-of-the-art (e.g. Adamson Y Axis, Meyer Sound Labs, L’Acoustics, EAW, JBL VerTech etc.) Front-of-House system. Line-arrays are the preferred type of system.

Front-of-House system shall be a full range system, with subwoofers, capable of reproducing a frequency response of 20Hz. to 22KHz. ±3db, have the capability of producing 115 db undistored at the FOH mixing position and consist of the following:

48-channel sound reinforcement console with:

4-band parametric or semi-parametric EQ on each channel

Hi-pass filter on each channel

8 Post-fader sends (2 stereo)

8 VCAs

8 Stereo sub-groups

House consoles in order of preference (No Mackie’s, Peavey’s, or Carvin mixers)

Midas Heritage 3000

Yamaha PM5D Digital

Yamaha PM 4000

Midas XL4

Outboard Processing

Effects rack(s) with outboard equipment must be within easy reach of the sound engineer with adequate lighting over console(s) and effects rack(s).

2 Yamaha SPX 990

              1      TC Electronics 2290

1 TC Electronics M2000 or Lexicon PCM 70

2 TC Electronics D-Two digital delay

10 Channels of compressors (Drawmers, dbx 166, BSS, Klark-Technics)

10 Channels of noise gates (Valley International Kepex, Drawmer DS 201, Aphex, BSS)

1 Spectrum analyzer (Klark Teknik, Ivie)

1 Compact disc player

1 CD Recorder set up to record house feed

1 Comms system with headsets at FOH, lighting and monitor consoles

D    Monitor Specifications

Artist requires a state-of-the-art (e.g. Meyer Sound Labs, Adamson’s, McCauley’s, EV DeltaMax™, EAW, etc.) monitor system. Monitor system shall consist of the following:

14 send, 48-channel monitor console with:

4-band parametric EQ on each channel

Hi-pass filter on each channel

Monitor consoles in order of preference (No Mackie’s, Peavey’s, or Carvin mixers)

Midas Heritage series

Yamaha PM5D Digital or M7CL

Soundcraft SM16

Ramsa SX-1

Outboard Processing

14 Professional quality 1/3 octave graphic equalizers (Klark Teknik, Brooke Siren Systems, TC Electronics)

6 Channels of compressors (dbx 160X, BSS DPR 402)

6 Channels of noise gates (Drawmer DS 201, Aphex)

1 Yamaha SPX 900

14 Active direct boxes (BSS, Countryman)

2 AKG C451 condenser microphones

4 AKG C414 condenser microphones

1 Shure SM 91 microphone

1 Shure Beta 52 microphone

3 Shure SM 57 microphones

3 Shure Beta 57 microphones

4 Shure SM 98 microphones

              1     Senn MD 409

6 UHF wireless microphones with Beta 58 capsules

Monitor Cabinets

14 Floor wedges (bi-amped w/ (1 × 15″ + 1 × 2″) or (2 × 12″ + 1 × 2″)

1  cue wedge (must be of same as floor wedges)

1 Drum fill (2 x UPA-1A plus 1 x R2 650)

2 Side fills (1 x EAW KF850 plus 1 x SB 850 per side

29     Backline

Artist requires the following musical instruments for this engagement:

A         Bass

2 Neo 4×12 Bass Cabinet

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2        <!--[endif]-->Gallien Krueger 1001RB II Bass Amplifier


2 Gallien Krueger Goldline 810GLX Bass Cabinet

1 Guitar stand


B     Guitar

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2        <!--[endif]-->Mesa Boogie Rectifier with

<!--[if !supportLists]-->2      <!--[endif]-->  2 4×12 Cabinet  

2 Guitar stands

C     Acoustic Drum Kit:  DW Drums Collector series or Pearl Master Custom with heavy-duty hardware Plus a DW PDP Rack to fit the drums.

                    22" Bass Drum (Virgin Bass Drum)

                    8×7, 10×8, 12×10, inch toms

                    14×13″ floor tom with legs

                    14" X 5" DW Maple Piccolo Snare (Maybe a special order)

                     5 DW 9700 cymbal boom stands

                    10" Sabian Ozone splash, 16 and 17" Sabian Ozone crash cymbals

                    16” Zildjian A Custom crash

                    16" Zildjian China

                     DW 9500D Hi-Hat Stand

                     DW Airlift Drum Throne

                     Pearl P-2000C Power Shifter Eliminator Double Chain Drive Pedal

                     14" Evans Genera G2 Snare Head (white Coated)

        8,10,12,14 and 22" Evans EC2 Drum Heads (1 pair of each)


       D    2    Pioneer CDJ 1000MK3 and 1 DJM-800 mixer plus 2-DJ tables.


       E    2    Sennheiser EW 300 wireless IEM or Sure PSM 400 with transmitter

                    and receiver.                                         


       F     2    Small stepper boxes downstage center for standing on


F     Crew Catering

If load-in is before 2:00 PM, please provide lunch for six (6) crew (local menu options are preferred), plus the following: Natural Spring Water (Purified water is not okay) in 1/2 liter bottles and fresh juices.  Hot coffee and assorted teas are a must.



All musical instruments, in-ear monitors and wireless microphones supplied by Artist will be rented by Purchaser for the sum of US$500, or equivalent, per day of agreement.


30     Dressing Rooms

1 Large room labeled “Mojo Morgan”

1 Small room labeled “Production”

These rooms must be cleaned and sanitized before our arrival and kept at a comfortable temperature.

Room labeled “Production” must include at least two (2) telephone lines as well as two (2) 117V, 50/60 Hz. 15 Amps. AC power circuits, desk, chairs (4), tables, lamps, fully lined trash cans and bathroom facilities.

Room labeled “Mojo Morgan” is for Artist’s exclusive use and should be stocked and ready one (1) hour prior to Artist’s arrival. Room should contain two (2) 117V, 50/60 Hz. 15 Amps. AC power circuits, one (1) full length mirror, clothes rack, a sofa, chairs (14), tables, and cotton tablecloths, lamps, fully lined trash cans and bathroom facilities including hot and cold running water.

Caterer is responsible for keeping food and beverages fresh, clean and well stocked. All fruit or cheese trays, bowls of nuts etc. must be covered or wrapped in Cling Wrap® or aluminum foil. Caterer is required to have an adequate supply of cups and saucers, utensils, napkins, clean ice for drinks (not ice used to keep beverages cold), bowls, plates, condiments etc.

No Pork Products, Pork By-Products, Shellfish, River fish (Catfish) or MSG

All necessary condiments. Silverware, napkins, fifty (50) Silo 16 oz. cups, bowls, plates, hot cups, clean ice for drinks (not ice used to keep beverages cold) and any other items and utensils necessary must be placed in dressing room. All bowl and trays are to be covered with Saran Wrap or aluminum foil.

Main Room: Dressing room labeled “Mojo Morgan” shall contain the following (ALL OR AS MUCH SHOULD ORGANIC):

1 Bottle of Hennessey

<!--[if !supportLists]-->1         <!--[endif]-->Bottle of Grey Goose

              1      Bottle of Port Wine (Sandeman Brand)

               1     Bottle of Grand Marnier

4     Scented Candles Assorted Flavor

1 Deli tray, with turkey breast

1 Cheese tray, with assorted cheeses

1 Potato bread, 1 wheat bread

1 Vegetable tray

1 Box crackers (wheat or regular)

               3            Boxes Natures Valley assorted granola bars

1 Bowl of M&Ms (peanut)

1 Bowl of cashews (unsalted)

1 Bowl of peanuts (unsalted)

12 Powerade/Gatorade (assorted flavors)

1 Six-pack Heineken (bottles, no cans)

2 Cases of Fiji, Volvic, or Poland Spring water (500ml sealed plastic bottles, no purified water)

2 Liters fresh organic apple juice

2 Liters organic pear nectar

2 Liters organic banana nectar

2         Quarts of premium orange juice (Tropicana Homestyle OR fresh squeezed)

1 Case of assorted natural fruit and protein juices – Bolthouse Farms Or Naked Foods brands are preferred. Odwalla is okay. NO Snapple, period.

1 Basket of fresh whole fruit

1 Pot boiling water with selection of herbal teas, peppermint tea, whole lemons (2), honey, milk and brown sugar

1 Pot fresh hot coffee, cream and brown sugar


Please have available for ARTIST’S use:  One (1) iron and ironing board

31     Performance Requirements

6 New, washed and dried, cotton hand-towels.

1 Case of Fiji, Volvic or Poland Spring water (500ml plastic bottles)—room temperature

32     Catering


Purchaser to provide DINNER BUYOUT (minimum of $20.00 USD per person) for entire band and crew (including bus driver if applicable)  in lieu of HOT catering.  THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.


the total traveL party info to be provided by tour manager at time of advance.




ALL items listed above shall be provided at no cost to the artist, and under no conditions whatsoever should any deductions be made from artist’s performance fee without prior written approval to artist’s agents.  No modifications, alterations or substitutions may be made without the prior written approval of the road manager.



Any proposed additional terms and conditions which may be affixed to this agreement by Purchaser shall not become part of this agreement until signed by Artist or Artist’s duly appointed representative. By sole act of signing, Purchaser fully accepts all provisions of Artist’s contract regardless of any deletions or additions he may attempt to make.

Artist accepts no responsibility whatsoever for a delay in show time as a result of these requirements not being met by Purchaser.


Mojo Morgan Input List


Instruments                              Microphones                                       DI


 1)   Kic Drum Out                       D6, Beta 52, Senn 421

 2)   Kic Drum In                                  Beta 91, M88

 3)   Snare Top                                    Senn 421, Beta 57, SM 57

 4)   Snare Bot                                           Beta 57, SM 57

 5)   Hi-Hat                                         SM 81, AKG C 1000 or C 535

 6)   Tom 1                                           Senn 604

 7)   Tom 2                                           Senn 604

 8)   Tom 3                                           Senn 604

 9)   Flr                                                 D6, Senn 604

10)  OV (Stage Left)                            SM 81, AKG C414, C 535

11)  OV (Stage Right)                          SM 81, AKG C414, C 535

12)  Bass                                                                                                                       DI

13)  Bass Mic                                       D6, Beta 52 

14)  Bass                                                                                                                       DI

15)  Bass Mic                                        D6, Beta 52 

16) Track 1(Digi 03)                                                                                                     DI

17) Track 2(Digi 03)                                                                                                     DI

18) Track 3(Digi 03)                                                                                                     DI

19) Track 4(Digi 03)                                                                                                     DI

20) Track 5(Digi 03)                                                                                                     DI                                                                                                     

21) Track 6(Digi 03)                                                                                                     DI                                                                                                   

22) Track 7(Digi 03)                                                                                                     DI                                                                                             

23) Track 8(Digi 03)                                                                                                     DI                                                                                           

24) DJ mixer Left                                                                                                         DI

25) DJ mixer Right                                                                                                       DI

26) Lead Guitar (SR)                                                                                                    DI

27) Lead Guitar (SR)                                                                                                    DI

28) Lead Guitar (SR)                                                                                                    DI

29) Lead Guitar (SR)                                                                                                    DI

30) Mojo Lead Mic                  OM7, Beta 58, Senn 345(wireless)

31) Spare vocal mic              OM7, Beta 58, Senn 345(wireless)

32) DJ Mic            OM7, Beta 58, Senn 345(wireless)

33) Echo with Tempo switch

34) Digital Delay (left channel)            D2

35) Digital Delay (right channel)            D2

36) Reverb 1

37) Reverb 2


One CD burner at FOH for recording the show.

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