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Hometown wildomar, CA
Band Members Neil Benitez - Timbals; Walter Valencia - Congas; Jose ... » more
Achievements Top-10 Recruiter-1
Upcoming Shows None
Contact Information:

VILMA DIAZ "CUMBIA DIVA" Formerly original lead singer of the popular tropical band "LA SONORA DINAMITA". Vilma Diaz, a brilliant Colombian singer, recognized internationally for her mastery of the "Cumbia" rhythm. Born in Medellin, Colombia, a city...







September 2008 Latin

Vilma Diaz y La Sonora by
Is a widely respected professional band, the most popular Cumbia style group and Vilma Diaz lead vocalist. This band provides interpreted Latin rhythm within cumbia genre. Their mission is to give...



Technical Requirements

Purchaser shall supply Artist with a professional Sound system (JBL, Meyer, or equivalent) with an active crossover system with three (3) or more crossover points. Provide a full frequency response of no less than 40Hz to 15,000 Hz± distributed evenly over the entire sound spectrum and delivered evenly to the entire audience.
Sound system must have adequate power to deliver 120 db spl of continuous sound with an absolute minimum of total harmonic distortion.
Sound system must be able to maintain sound pressure levels of 90 db at the rear of the performance area.

The following front of house sound console and outboard equipment are essential:

32-channel house console 8 noise gates
6 compressor/limiters – 2 SPX 90
1 REV-5 –1 SDE 1000
2 1/3 octave equalizers

The following monitor console and outboard equipment are essential:

24 channel monitor console with 8 group out
1 cue monitor with power
8 1/3-octave equalizers inserted into group outs
1 digital delay
11 bi-amped floor wedges

The following on-stage musicians equipment are essential:

• 5 vocals regular micro ( SM 58 or similar)
• 1 vocal cordless micro
• 2 horns micro ( 421 or 57 or similar)
• 2 congas micro ( Beta 98 or C451or 57 or similar)
• 2 timbales micro ( Beta 98 or C451 or 57 or similar)
• 3 direct box ( if not amplifiers )
• 1 bass amplifier
• 1 keyboard amplifier

Mix 1 Front L
Mix 2 Front R
Mix 3 Trumpets
Mix 4 Keyboard
Mix 5 Bass
Mix 6 Percussion

All equipment can be replaced by other with similar quality. It is very important to have direct communication between Sound Company and Vilma’s Show. If Purchaser can not provide some of these minimum requirements, shall contact our office to deal the issue.

*Small venues could be subject to some changes on this rider.

1 Dressing room
1 Lounge area


6 Double Hotel Rooms
1 15 passengers van
11 Airline Tickets
(poin to point transportation)
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