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Competitions and Opportunities for April 2011

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"Shred Or Alive Song Competition"

Whether you're into blues, boogie-woogie, folk, funk, rock or punk, the glorious sound of the guitar is no stranger to your stereo. That's why this April, OurStage is opening the "Shred Or Alive Song Competition" - an exclusive channel giving the riffers and the rockers a chance to show the world who is the fastest, loudest, meanest up-and-coming axe-man on the planet. The prize? A chance to get featured on a special Shred Or Alive playlist to be offered to the OurStage community as a free download. That means a whole lot of free exposure for you, and a whole lot of shredtacular tunes for the fans. What better way to celebrate International Guitar Month?

Participants must be thirteen (13) years of age or older at time of entry.

ALL entries MUST feature a guitar solo at some point in the song. Vocals are allowed but not required. Copyrighted images/album art may NOT be used accompanying any entries and will be cause for withdrawal from the competition.

Only submission materials that are determined, at the sole discretion of OurStage, to be classified under heavy rock (hard rock, punk, metal) or rock (soft rock, alternative, funk, southern rock, rock, modern rock, indie rock) as defined on the OurStage FAQ's will be deemed valid entries.