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Hometown Orlando, FL
Genres Latin, Singer/Songwriter (Female)
Band Members • Yely Pillot (Cantante, multi-instrumentalista, autora... » more
Achievements Top-40 Top-40 Top-40 Top-40 Top-40 Top-40
Upcoming Shows None
Contact Information:


Signo Nata is a music project featuring multi-instrumentalist and strong vocalist Yelitza Pillot (Yely), directed by Eddie Martínez. Signo Nata characterizes itself by creating a perfect combination between electronic and radio pop music.Being born and...








Top 40 in Dance y Electrónica, August 2014
Los mejores 40 en Dance y Electrónica, July 2014
Los mejores 40 en Dance y Electrónica, June 2014


Technical Requirements

Requirements: Organizer shall provide sound and/or lighting equipment as describe
in the Attached Technical Rider
Organizer shall provide a copy of the Technical Rider to the sound and lightin
technicians no less than one (1) week prior to the engagement
This Technical Rider for the performance date of______________________________
1. Organizer
Address ________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip __________________________________________________________
hone _______________________ Fax _______________E-mail
2. Artist: Signo Nat
Artist Advance Contact: Eddie Martine
Address Advance Contact: 1303 Hendren Dr. Orlando, Florida, 3280
Phone: 407-927-5517 E-mail:
3. Place of Engagement
Address _________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip ___________________________________________________________
4. Type of Performance:____________________________________________
5. Number of Sets and Length: 1 set 50 minutes lon
6. Sound Chec
Stage will be available for Artist sound check _______________________________(time)
All sound reinforcement systems shall be in place, in good working order with room EQ’d
prior to Artist’s arrival for sound check
Artist requires a one hour setup and sound check period. Artist shall complete setu
and sound check one (hour(s)) prior to performance time provided that all equipment is i
good working order and hall was accessible at the times indicated above
Organizer shall not permit access to audience until all technical and sound checks have bee
completed to Artist’s satisfaction
Organizer, technical crew and Artist agree to make every effort to start the performanc
on time
7. Sound Reinforcement Syste
Organizer agrees to provide a professional sound system in good to excellent workin
Condition appropriately sized to cover the entire room
The system shall minimally consist of the following
a. House Console 16 to 24 input channels 4-Band EQ on each channe
House Rack (Outboard Gear
__X___ Digital Rever
__X___ Outboard Compressor
__X___ 1/3-Octave Equalizer for stereo setu
b. House Speakers and Power amplifier
Stereo 3- or 4-Way System shall adequately provide coverage for venu
c. On-stage Equipmen
____1____One vocal Microphones (A least Shure SM-57 or better
____2____Active Direct Boxes for vocal harmonize
____1____Boom stands (one for the singer
____2___ Active Direct Boxes for Laptop playing live track
____1___ Drum Riser
____9____Drum Microphones (1 kick, 2 snares, 6 rack toms
____2____Overhead Drum Microphone
d. On stage Monitors and Monitor Mixe
____3____ Independent Monitors and Monitor Mixes adjusted at sound check
e. Specific Back-Line Equipment provided by Signo Nata
*9 piece drums set with 2 snare drum
*Bass guitars, bass amplifier and vocal harmonize
*Electric guitars and amplifie
*Laptop for playing life track
All technical questions regarding specific equipment and Artist’s requirements mus
be directed to Artist Representative: Eddie Martinez at 417-927-551
10. Personne
Organizer agrees to provide a professional sound company including sound engineer
trained to set up and run the technical equipment specified in this Technical Rider
If technical personnel are provided other than from a professional soun
company, Artist must be notified
11. Stage Plo
Drum kit on stage center (Juan Carlos
Electric Guitar and laptop live tracks on Stage Left (Eddie
Bass Guitar with vocals on Stage Right (Yely
___________________________________________ _________________________
Organizer’s Name and Title Artist’s Name and Titl
___________________________________________ _________________________
Authorized Signature Date Authorized Signature Date
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