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Hometown Helsinki, Finland
Genres Indie Rock, Alt. Rock
Band Members <br/>Antti:Guitar+back.vox<br/>Hape:Guitar<br/>Olli:Vox... » more
Achievements Best-of-20 Best-of-20 Channel-number_1 Best-of-100 Top-10 Top-10 Top-10 » more
Upcoming Shows None
Contact Information:
Artist / Band Member
Toni Korhonen +358405346670
# Years Experience Performing Live: 2
# Live Perfomances Past Six-months: 25
Similar Artists: Bloc Party; Interpol; Franz Ferdinand; The Strokes; Foals
Performing Rights Society: Outside US
Discography: We're The Libertines Single—2010

The Spyro is a Finnish indierockdancepunk band (don’t you just love genre definitions - we certainly do!!), sucking influence from such bands as Franz Ferdinand, Block Party, Arctic Monkeys, Interpol, The Strokes, Foals and The Hives. Having said that,...







Reached 16th in Best of Rock chart in 2011. In the top 20 for 1 week.
Reached 14th in Best of Rock chart in 2011. In the top 20 for 3 weeks.
April 2010 Indie Rock


Technical Requirements

Channel list1 Kick drum Beta 52/e602/D112 Short boom Comp + gat
2 Snare drum SM57/Beta 57 Short boom Com
3 Rack tom 1 e604/e904/Opus 87/SM57 Clip preferred Gat
4 Rack tom 2 e604/e904/Opus 87/SM57 Clip preferred Gat
5 Floor tom e604/e904/Opus 87/SM57 Clip preferred Gat
6 Overhead 1 Condenser Long boo
7 Overhead 2 Condenser Long boo
8 Bass DI Active DI
9 Guitar 1 e906/SM57 Short boo
10 Guitar 2 e906/SM57 Short boo
11 Lead voc e935/Beta 58/SM58 Long straight Com
12 Back voc 1 SM58/Beta 58 Long boom Com
13 Back voc 2 SM58/Beta 58 Long boom Com
14 Acoustic gtr Active DI - Comp

PAThe PA-system must be modern, high-quality and factory made with the capability to produc
enough sound pressure to cover the whole venue. This includes also the bottom of the audi
spectrum, so some kind of subwoofer is required.

FOHHigh quality mixing desk with enough channels (minimum 16) and auxs (minimum 3 of whic
2 pre fader and 1 post fader)
Preferred desks: Yamaha LS9/DM1000/01V96 (not the old 01V), Midas, Soundcraft GB-series
MH-series/Vi&Si-series, Allen&Heath GL-series/MixWizards etc
We usually bring a small set of compressors and reverbs but having some more gear at th
site never hurts. Preferred brands: dbx, bss, Klark, Lexicon, TC-electronics.

MonitorsMinimum 2 monitor groups and 4 monitor cabinets required. The monitor cabinets must b
modern, high-quality and factory made with the capability to produce enough sound pressur
to the venue's stage.

BacklineUsually we travel with our own backline but in special cases, like when flying overseas
backline is needed.

DrumsBasically any high quality brand will do. Millenium is not a high quality brand
Absolute minimum requirements (no show without these)
• 1 bass drum (20" – 24"
• 1 rack tom (10" – 14"
• 1 floor tom (14" – 18"
• 1 hihat stan
• 3 cymbal stand
• 1 snare stan
• 1 adjustable drum stoo
Preferred minimum requirements
• 1 bass drum (20" – 24"
• 2 rack toms (10" - 12" + 12" – 14"
• 1 floor tom (14" – 18"
• 1 hihat stan
• 4 cymbal stands, 2 of these with boo
• 1 snare stan
• 1 adjustable drum stool

2 x guitar amps (combos or heads + cabinets)• Preferrably 15-30 wat
• Guitar amp 1 preferred brands/models: Marshall 1974 or 1974X, Vox AC15/AC30
Fender all tube amps. This amp needs a clean channel only
• Guitar amp 2 preferred brands/models: Orange Rocker 30, Fender all tube amps. Thi
amp should have a overdrive channel
• Basically any high quality all tube amps will do, but at least one of the amps shoul
have a overdrive channel
• Cabinets preferrably 1x12” or 2x12” but 4x12” will do also. Preferred speakers
Celestion Vintage 30/G12H/Greenback, Eminence
• Only all tube amps, we will not play with some crappy solid state practice amps!

Bass amp (combo or head + cabinet)• Preferrably 100-300 watt all tub
• Preferred brands and models: Orange AD-200B/OBC410, Ampeg SVT Classi
• Basically any high quality bass amp will do

GeneralBrands such as Behringer, T-amp/box, Alto, Phonic, Samson etc. do no qualify as “highquality”.

BackdropWe have 3 x 2 meter backdrop. The backdrop material has DIN 4102-B1 classification.

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